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Fly tying BLVD

Elaine - 2015 FOY Winner

Congratulation to Elaine Gaczkowski for receiving the 2015 Lord Of The Fly award for her
Hopper Dropper Fly.

This award is a reminder to me of the great people in our fly tying family. During my illness I received visits, cards, e-mails and lots of flies from my fellow fly tiers. Your support is one reason I'll be back on the waters this year with my fly rod in hand and fiddle in the car.

Our club is built like a classic fly pattern. A firm base of like-minded people held together by strong bonds of friendship. Add a few flashy fellows to attract new attract new people. Adventurous ones provide some action. We may not be as pretty when wet, but we get the job done.

My love and thanks to my fellow fly tying friends,

Elaine Gaczkowski

Congratulation to Fred Tulholski for receiving the 2013 Lord Of The Fly award for his Pike Fly.
Fly of the Year

Herb Kightlinger 2012 FOY
Congratulation to Herb Kightlinger for receiving the 2012 Lord Of The Fly award for his Analomink Dressing Fly.

Congratulation to Mike Statkun (NuMike) for receiving the 2011 Lord Of The Fly award for promoting the Waxy Joe Fly. the "Waxy Joe" has a bead head and Fin Raccoon. Great for Steel Head and Big Trout.
Mike Statkun - Fly of the Year

Jim Simonelli with his Lord Of The Flies award for 2010, Jim's fly is the Doubled Floating Thunder. Jim's fly is one that he developed for walleye fishing in the spring, it took Jim two years of trial and error untill he developed what he had envisioned.

Jim Simonelli with Lord of the Flies Award
Double Floating Thunder

John Baker with Fly of Year Award
John Baker with his Fly of the Year Award

The 2008 FLY OF THE YEAR went to John Baker for his flash fly. John's flash Fly is made up of Polor Fiber wrapped on a streamer hook with a light color of marabou or simular material for the tail. On a recent fishing outting John supplied some of the guys with several of his flies, with great results. Johns generosity with his Flash Fly, is a great example of what makes our Fly Tying Club a great club to belong to. There is always someone willing to share, help, or pitch in and not expect anything in return. But a "thank you" does go a long way.

The 2007 FLY OF THE YEAR award went to Jim Pfendler for his creation of the "PFENDLER MINNOW". Jim originally created this fly for the Allegheny River, but it turned out to be an all-around fly for this region. Club members have had great sucsess with this fly on our local Steelhead streams. One variation to the "Pfendler Minnow" is too add an orange bead to the head of the fly. At first the fly known as the Allegheny River Shiner, but was soon renamed the "Pfendler Minnow".
Pfendler Minnow
Pfendler Minnow

cartoon Congradulations to Bill Harter on the 2006 FLY OF THE YEAR! This is the first year of this award and it goes the club member who comes up a fly that consistantly catches fish. Bill came up a fly he calls the "HELL FLY" while on a trip to Roscoe, NY. He said it looked like "HELL" but caught fish.